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Solar Powered Heating

Harnessing the power of the SUN is another way to improve your carbon footprint and gain free and renewable energy.

Here at Oxford Pools we have undertaken extensive research into solar power and have spent many hours trying to painstakingly find the best system. Now we have found it!

This plug and play system is more affordable and easier to install than you might think. These high quality evacuated tubes harness the power of UV Rays and will even gather energy on cloudy days. Constraints on installing Solar Power have been greatly eased in recent times with planning issues rarely a problem and with our Government encouraging more of us to save energy and go green. If you’re lucky enough to be a School, Hotel, Leisure Club, Holiday Park or Public Pool you can reclaim 100% of the capital outlay for a solar heating system. Our BPEC Trained Engineers can install and specify your Solar System safely and correctly making going green and saving money easier than you think.

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