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Service and Maintenance

Oxford Pools Service Division is committed to offering excellent support to all its customers, delivering total customer care, quality of work, value for money, and peace of mind.

+ Service Contracts
+ Winterising & Commissioning
+ Planned Maintenance
+ Leak Investigation
+ Installation
+ FAQ's
+ Payment Terms

We have a full range of services and have invested heavily in training and qualifications. These include employing Corgi Gas and Oftec registered engineers, all our engineers are ISRM pool plant operator trained, manufacturer trained and have an approved electrical qualification. A number of our engineers have a diving qualification.

This, along with our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of servicing, maintaining and installing swimming pool equipment, confirms our commitment to offering you a full service once on site.

Our service vans are fully equipped with parts and the right equipment to do the job and most importantly of all, this complete package comes with friendly, helpful, fully trained, experienced, professional. Headed by Richard Perrin who has over 21 years experience in the pool industry and is himself a fully qualified Corgi, Oftec and electrical engineer.

Service Contracts

We offer a range of Service Contracts for both Outdoor and Indoor Pools and
tailor each contract to suit each individual pool.

On each visit we will fully check the pool chemistry and adjust as necessary, check the Pool Filtration, Heating Systems, backwash the filter and vacuum the pool if it is necessary. A full monthly water Analysis is included, (a sample of water is taken back to our Lab to be tested and a Computer Generated Report is produced and any actions needed will be carried out at your next Service.)

We also offer Outdoor Pool Wintercare Contracts to ensure that the pool equipment, the pool water level and chemistry are safe through the winter period.


All makes and models of heater including Gas, Oil and Electric can be serviced and repaired by our own fully trained Engineers.

Just sit back and let us look after your pool.

Call our Service Division for details.

Winterising and Commissioning

Our Commissioning Service gets your Pool into the best possible order for the season.
We can reconnect the equipment, ensuring everything is working correctly, change the covers, vacuum the pool, we can be as flexible as you want.
Let us take the worry out of it so you can concentrate on enjoying your Pool.

Did you know that if you don’t Winterise your pool you’re Pump Filter and Heater could be badly DAMAGED and your pool could turn GREEN which in turn would need extra visits and chemicals upon Commissioning your pool for the season.

Those Customers already using our Winterising Service know that we are able to put your equipment into the safest possible condition for the winter.

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Planned Maintenance

Swimming Pool Equipment needs to be Serviced and Maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it working Efficiently and Safely.

Pool Equipment that is regularly Serviced will give you peace of mind and save you money.

With our Planned Maintenance Service we tailor each contract to suit your individual needs. Our Service gives you the convenience of using one company to service all of your Pool Equipment from Heating to Chemical Dosing.


Hot tub baths and their associated equipment need to be serviced on a regular basis in order to keep them working Efficiently and Safely. As part of our hot tub planned maintenance service, we will check that your pipe work and circulation system is not hiding any unwanted guests (e.g. Legionella Bacterium) a known possible problem within warm hot tub water. Hot tubs provide ideal breeding ground and conditions for this bacterium, if the water chemistry is not properly maintained and the water isn’t changed regularly.

With our planned maintenance service we will tailor each contract to suit your individual needs and will include the following.

- Sanitise to HSE standards in order to eradicate bacterium.

- Check all equipment is running Efficiently and safely

- We will apply special cleaner to the hot tub interior surface which will remove oils and greases, eliminating hidden microbes, whilst forming an invisible shield reducing scum line build up.

- Take water sample and produce a regular chemical and dilution regime for you to follow.

Call our Service Division to book your Survey.

Leak Investigation

Any leak, no matter how small costs you money whether you’re on a Meter or not.

Fresh water costs money, also add on the associated heating and chemical costs and that’s your money literally draining away.

We do not guarantee to find every leak, but we can offer an experienced service to do all that is possible to find the leak and either isolate or mend it.

This service includes a fully Trained Dive Team equipped with Pressure Test and Leak Detecting Equipment to pinpoint your leak.

See our FAQ’S Section “What if my pool is losing water”?


Pool equipment should be installed by experts so that you know the equipment has been specified correctly, the installation is safe and that it works as designed.

Here at Oxford Pools safety is paramount.

Our Engineers can install all aspects of Pool Equipment, including Pumps, Filters and Heaters, including Gas, Oil or Electrical connections.

We offer a Full Quotation Service please call us to arrange an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long should I filter my pool for each day?

A. Your filtration plant would have been designed to turn your pool water over in 8-12 hours a day. Having said that leaving your filtration plant running for 24 hours a day will greatly improve water quality and the general appearance of your pool. ALWAYS CLEAN AND READY TO SWIM.

Q. How long will the sand last in my sand filter?

A. Most sand will last between 5-7 years but this is dependant on how well the pool water quality has been maintained. For example if the pool water chemistry has not been kept in balance this may have caused calcium to build up in the system turning the sand into a solid lump.
When the sand is coming to the end of its effective life the following points may be noticed.
• The normal (clean) running pressure may have increased by 10% or more.
• The frequency of backwashing may need to be stepped up.
• Water flow when backwashing appears less vigorous than when the sand was new.
• The pool water condition may be difficult to maintain, causing water clarity problems.
Please note that it is advisable at least once a year for the sand to be cleaned with a de-greaser and a de-scaler. i.e. BioGuard Deep cleanse.

Q. What if my pool is losing water?

A. This can mean you have a leak; the best course of action would be to gather the information below and then phone our service department for a consultation.
o Check your backwash line is water coming out even on filter.

o Mark the pool water level with a pencil and monitor water level for 24 hours (Pump on and circulating) please note the upper pool suction points should be valved off and the water level in the pool should not be allowed to drop more than 50mm from its normal running level. Measure drop and record.

o Top pool back up and mark water level with a pencil and monitor water level for 24 hours (pump off) Measure drop and record.

o Telephone our service department with information from above.

Q. Why do my Eyes sting when I Swim?

A. Possible cause 1
This could well be a pH problem the water could be too acidic or too alkaline. The pH of the human Eye is around 7.4-7.5 anything higher or lower will irritate.

Possible cause 2
High combined Chlorine (see pool dictionary)

Remedy. Bring in a water sample or book a service call.

Q. Why has my Heater stopped working?

A. The most common cause of a heater failing to work is one of a lack of water flow, caused by the filter or pump course strainer being too dirty to allow enough water flow to activate the heater pressure switch which in turn will not activate the heater. Remedy. See Backwashing & Cleaning of the pump course strainer.
If the above do not work you will need a service call.

Q. Should I get my Pool Heater serviced every year, even though my pool is closed down for the winter period?

A. Even though your heater is not being used all the year round, it will still need a yearly service. During the winter months insects can make their home in the burners and heat exchanger. When the boiler is re-commission in the spring these blockages cause the burner to fire incorrectly, which in turn can cause carbon monoxide to be produced (this can be deadly!). It can also cause considerable damage to the boiler.

Payment Terms

Our Payment Terms have been revised for 2005 for Regular Service Contracts, Customers will be asked to pay Service call out charges quarterly in advance.

Non regular Service call outs and materials will be invoiced for payment within
15 days. Credit Card payments will be accepted but we will add 2.50% to cover
the merchant fee imposed on us by the card suppliers.

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