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Pool Refurbishment & Repair

If your pool has seen better days and is looking a bit tired and worn then maybe it’s time for a revamp?

Our customers are amazed at the difference a refurbishment makes to their pool and thrilled at the quality of our work. Whether big or small updating your pool can make a world of difference. Listed below are the solutions we offer. Choosing Oxford Pools for your project means you are guaranteed of quality in our workmanship and our advice to you.

Oxford Pools, offering real solutions, not creating more problems.

Pool Lining

Relining your pool with a bag type liner is a cost effective way to give your pool a new look. Whether traditional or contemporary our quality liners will give your pool that just built look. Your pool is measured and your liner is manufactured to specific dimensions
to give a smooth and professional finish.

If you want to go one stage further then Site Lining is the choice for you, being thicker and with a wider range of colours, your liner is cut and welded into place on site by a team of expert liner welders.


Whether you are replacing your tile band or retiling your entire pool, our professional tiler will finish your pool to perfection. With access to an amazing range of tiles we are sure there is a look for you.

Replacement Paving and Coping

If your pool surround is looking cracked, uneven or just dated then replacing your existing surround with one of our fantastic range of coping, slabs or paving can make your pool look new again. Our options include ranges for every budget and taste from standard coping and paving to our bespoke range of natural stone that can be cut, to shape and used for every aspect of your surround. Just give us your plan, choose your stone and leave the rest to us.


Having better filtration can make a world of difference to your pool as poor circulation or incorrect sizing of equipment can make your water cloudy, dull and difficult to manage.
When we survey your pool we will correctly size your filter for the size or your pool and the turnover of your water giving you the best water clarity ever.

Circulation Pump Replacement

Old pumps can leak, be energy inefficient and sometimes not up to the job, a new pump correctly sized will give you the circulation you need to maintain clear water.


Updating your heating system can help you achieve the temperature you specify giving you total control. With access to the country's leading pool heating manufacturers we have a wide range of options available from Heat Pumps, to natural gas, solar to Oil and the best bit is in most cases we can guarantee to save you money on your fuel bills.


Do your walls and windows drip with condensation, is it driving you mad? Effective dehumidification is incredibly important for indoor or enclosed pools and can transform your pool hall and preserve your interior. Our systems are specified by our air handling specialist and manufactured in the Midlands, so you are assured of a quality product.


Solar or Bubble Covers are a great way to improve solar gain into your pool
putting heat into your water and helping with evaporation. Our quality Solar Covers come with excellent guarantees and in a wide range of colours.

Certikin Cover star

This fantastic cover system can be installed into new pools or retro fitted, covering the entire pool this lockable cover is the safest option * for your pool and prevents children, animals, leaves and dirt from entering your pool
*(yearly checks and maintenance are required)

Winter Debris Covers

Help your pool keep its clarity and keep all those annoying leaves out this winter, available in a number of colours.


Enclosing your pool will prolong your swimming season and help keep your pool free from leaves and dirt and being lockable keep out all those unwanted visitors.
Customers who have enclosures tell us that there pools are easier to manage and use less heat and chemicals. With a wide choice of sizes, colours and profiles our range has an enclosure for all tastes and budgets.

Chemical Dosing

Automatic dosing is a great way to treat your pool for those of us who have little time or are away on holiday or business on a regular basis. Whether you choose salt, Active Oxygen or Traditional Chemicals, our systems are efficient and tried and tested by ourselves and our manufacturers. Our dosing systems go right across the spectrum starting from hand machine tablet dosing to fully automatic cutting edge technology. We even have a system that you can control remotely from your mobile or laptop.


With Health and Fitness more popular than ever Counter current swimjets are a great addition (subject to pool survey) to your pool if you want to swim for fitness or if you have limited space. Used by professional swimmers for training these jets are a fun way to keep fit.


If you want a new look for your pool, changing your lighting can be a cost effective and dramatic way of changing the look and feel of your pool. Whether Traditional, LED, Fibre Optic or Economical we have a great range of lighting options to transform your pool.

Need further information?

If you would like us to call you and discuss your renovation please click here to complete our contact form. Our highly experienced staff will be more than happy to call you back to advise and guide you.



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