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Energy Saving Heating

Want to save lots of money on your pool heating and help the planet? Oxford Pools Can help!

What would you say if we could make pool heating ULTRA EFFICIENT and save you up to an amazing 30% on running costs - INTERESTED?

Here at Oxford Pools we are really excited to be the first company in the country to install the new Genie Gas Condensing Boiler. This environmentally Friendly boiler has the fantastic statistic of having 97% condensing efficiency and being the most advanced and most efficient pool heater in the world.

Why not join the numerous customers who are already reaping the many benefits of this wonderful boiler? With all of us trying to reduce our carbon footprint and with energy prices SOARING how could you resist the PURE MAGIC of the Certikin Genie!

Heat pump technology is another great way of DRAMATICALLY REDUCING your pool heating bills

Why not take another look at Heat Pump Technology. Here at Oxford Pools we are lucky to work in conjunction with some of the most innovative and forward thinking Air handling companies around.

With a wide range of units that will give you exceptional results on Pool Water Heating, Heat Recovery, Air Handling, Effective Dehumidification and Fresh Air Ventilation. In partnership with our suppliers we can ensure that every project is an absolute success by specifying the correct equipment for the job and ensuring that any foreseeable problems are ironed out at an early stage. With all Heat Pumps being manufactured to your specific requirements we can ensure that you don’t have to compromise with “off the shelf technology”, but be assured of amazing performance, quality and reliability!

We can say with confidence that in most cases WE WILL save you money on your heating costs.

Call us now on 0845 8800766 and find out how you and the planet can benefit.


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